Piston Cooling Nozzle

Our range of Piston Cooling Nozzle is made of finest materials as per SAE specification to meet all requirements of our valued customers. We supply these Piston Cooling Nozzle (components) at industry leading prices.

Application: Used in high performance modern engine for effective cooling.PCN assembly is a cylinder Block component and the tip of the nozzle is positioned such that it directly flashes the lubricating oil continuously on the piston skirt to prevent the piston from overheating and to obtain optimum engine performance.

piston_cooling_nozzle_1 piston_cooling_nozzle_2 piston_cooling_nozzle_3
piston_cooling_nozzle_4 piston_cooling_nozzle_5 piston_cooling_nozzle_6
piston_cooling_nozzle_7 piston_cooling_nozzle_8 piston_cooling_nozzle_9
piston_cooling_nozzle_10 Inner image of Piston Cooling Nozzle